09 August 2014: Ugoos UT3 RK3288 get 45000 score antutu with 2.0Ghz frequency. More details here

11 April 2014: Ugoos Industrial inform what RK3288 TV Box pcba is finished. It will be Ugoos UT3 model. More details here

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RK3288 is a high performance application processor for high-end tablet, notebook, all-in-one device , smart monitor and TV-Box. Especially it is one of most powerful solution for 4Kx2K TV-Box.

Integrate quad-core Cortex-A17 with separately Neon and FPU coprocessor , also shared 1MB L2 Cache. More than 32bits address will support up to 8GB access space.

Currently, latest generation and most powerful GPU is embedded to support smoothly high-resolution (3840x2160) display and mainstream game. Support OpenVG1.1, OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0, OpenCL1.1, RenderScript and DirectX11 etc.

Full-format video decoder, including 4Kx2K multi-format decoder.

Lots of high-performance interface to get very flexible solution, such as multi-pipe display with dual-channel LVDS, dual-channel MIPI-DSI, eDP1.1, HDMI2.0 , dual-channel MIPI-CSI2 interface with 13MP ISP embedded.

Fully-integrated hardware-based security solution will provide HDCP2.x for miracast and all kinds of DRM solution based on different OS.

Dual-Channel 64bits DDR3/LPDDR2/LPDDR3 provide demanding memory bandwidths for high-performance and high-resolution application.



Video Decoder

Video Encoder

Video Input

Video Display

Nand Flash Interface

eMMC Interface

DDR interface

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